Q. What time do I need to turn up for my Free Trial?
A. Check the time of your chosen class on the timetable and turn up 15 minutes before your class.

Q. What do I need to wear for my Free Trial?
A. Just shorts and a t-shirt, preferably a mouth-piece (gum shield) if you have one although not compulsory (loan Gi’s and Boxing gloves are available for your free trial)

Q. What other kit will I need?
A. To begin with we have all the equipment you will need and can borrow. We also sell everything you will need once you get into it!

Q. Do I need any experience?
A. No, not at all. Every class unless otherwise stated is completely suitable for beginners. We have new starters almost every day so you won’t be alone. We are here to guide you from the moment you step into the gym.

Q. Do I have to participate in sparring?
A. No, sparring is not mandatory and completely your preference.

Q. Can I freeze my membership if I am going to be away for a prolonged period of time?
A. Yes. Providing the period is one month or longer and you provide 30 days written notice.